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Traffic/OVI Defense

raffic offenses, particularly those for OVI (also known as DUI or "drunk driving"), can have serious ramifications, from license suspension to fines to possible jail time.  For example, OVI offenses carry mandatory minimum penalties, such as 3 days in jail or a weekend program for a first offense, 10 days in jail for a second offense, and 30 days for a third offense.  Subsequent offenses can even subject a person to felonies and possible mandatory prison terms.

At Wolfe Van Wey & Associates, our goal is minimize these potential penalties.  In some cases, this might mean completion of a course in order to obtain a dismissal, or in higher level traffic offenses, a possible plea deal to a lesser offense (e.g. pleading an OVI to a reckless operation).  In most traffic offenses, a ticket is issued and the offender is ordered to appear in court at a later date.